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О компании

Компания Procter & Gamble была создана в 1837 г. и начиналась как небольшой семейный бизнес в городе Цинциннати (штат Огайо, США). Сегодня P&G представляет на рынке более 300 товаров народного потребления.

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09.01.18 | 24.10.18

Стажер в отделе Персонала Procter&Gamble

Торговля, логистика, ВЭД

55000 руб

Описание вакансии

Great opportunity to get real working experience within P&G HR!

We offer an internship in P&G’s HR function. Our objective is being a business-integrated partner at the heart of helping some of the world’s greatest professional talent – including yourself. You will get real working experience, coaching from top management and training from experts! You will be working on a project covering one or several of key HR disciplines: Talent Practice, Employee Relations, Compensations and Benefits. Outstanding performance will bring you outstanding reward – Job offer with P&G Russia.

The Internship will last 3-6 months starting in June on full or part time schedule depending on the project specifics and your availability. During the internship you will work on real projects and create real business solutions. You will be surrounded by multifunctional team and experienced P&G manager to guide you and equip to success.

We offer:

•    Challenging work project and responsibility from Day 1

•    Unmatched training program which will develop you professionally and personally

•    Unlimited opportunities for future career growth

•    Competitive compensation package (internship salary 55 000 RUR per month gross, lunch allowance, paid vacation)

•    Flexible work hours


•    Current student on last 1-2 years of study or recent graduate (up to 2 years since graduation)

•    Fluent English

•    Strong communication, leadership and analytical capabilities

•    Respective University degree (business, HR management) is a plus

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